Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The after...

so- just going to put it all out there. 

We'll say that this is my starting point. Now- I don't usually take pics of myself in the mirror- but I couldn't decide what to wear and needed some help.

Turns out this was good to have- since now I have it as a reference. These were taken in September 2012- 

we were heading out to a John Legend concert charity event-  what a great night!

  PS- I went with the black dress and wore my hair down.

I just want to have this here- as notes- so that way I can remember what the 'after' was like- and hopefully help someone else- or at least remember it myself.

These pictures are from June 26th- so just 4 days before her arrival.

Feet SUPER swollen. No ankles left.

It took about a week for the swelling to go down. Nurse said this was totally normal. I did a little dance the day I got my ankles back.

My hands were also super swollen. They would fall asleep at night- my whole arm would. I was afraid I had carpal tunnel-
After delivery this did not go away as fast as I hoped it would. My hands stayed swollen longer than my feet. After about a month I was able to wear my wedding ring again, but I still (at 6 weeks) have my arms/ hands fall asleep. Again- doctor said totally normal. Can take up to 6 months to go away. I also have VERY stiff joints. I did post pregnancy with my 1st too. If I sit or lay in one position for even a short amount of time- it is very hard and uncomfortable for me to get up- or move from that position. Weird- because when I start moving- or in the gym I can keep moving no problem. It's just if I get in a sedentary position for very long.

Same time- June 26th- I worked out- until the week before. I did my last combat class at 38 weeks and my last boot camp class at 39.

I can not tell you how glad I am that I stuck with my working out. Even if it was at low impact- or just at 1/2 speed- I.AM.SO.GLAD.

I am convinced that this helped me immediately post pregnancy. I am also super glad that I continued with core strength exercises. I think it helped with getting my tummy back in quicker- and also helping me not pee everywhere all the time. Ha! 

These pictures are ONE week after. So yes- there is still some tummy there. and loose skin. I was definitely smaller post baby this time than with my 1st. 

one week post baby
 This is today (8/13/13) 6 weeks post baby- and though I have a ways to go- I am still happy that there is a change in the two pictures. I have lost some tone in my arms- I think I started loosing that in the last trimester.

6 weeks post baby
I started walking the 2nd week. Just easy strolling walks. Then I started back with T25, a work out video that's just 25 minutes- of hard work! Added in some push ups, planks, squats, etc...

After my 5 week doctor's appointment, I was cleared for all activity and I have started back at the gym. I am 3 workouts in so far! whoohooo! That's 2 Combat classes and one Boot Camp. (about to add another boot camp tomorrow)
I can tell that I have lost some strength- mostly in my core and arms (push ups are HARD) and I was surprised at how my cardio stamina was pretty much the same. I was able to push through the entire Combat class without stopping and doing side kicks and round house kicks was MUCH easier without a belly in the way!

I gained 40 lbs and at my 6 week weigh in- I have lost all but 8. Still some loose skin- and need to regain some muscles and strength- but overall pretty happy. Clothes are still snug- so I know I have a way to go- and I am on the path.

I have not been dieting and I am still breastfeeding. I initially was pretty nervous that working out may decrease my supply- and I am thankful to say that so far (knock on wood) I have not had any issues. Drinking tons of water and enjoying the occasional beer or glass of wine. I did cut out dairy- so even though technically that's not dieting- it has kept me from indulging in yummy pizza, cheese, ice creams, creamer, milk (duh) and all that kind of stuff. (But if it makes Miss P feel better- then I am happy to do it- and cut a few calories in the same time) It actually has been a real eye opener to me to how much cheese- especially cream cheese- we eat.

I will update at the 12 week mark and see if there are any changes then. We have a full season of events coming up- weddings, showers, concerts, and work stuff- so I am hoping to be back in my old clothes soon. Don't want to have to go shopping for bigger clothes- would much rather shop for new stuff in my regular (or smaller) size.

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