Monday, November 9, 2009

32 weeks- that's 8 months ya'll-

So 32 weeks- so far so good. Nothing too exciting to post today. We have been packing a lot, cleaning a lot, and getting rid of a bunch of stuff- so needless to say- I am pooped! Between working at work, working at home, and working out- that's a lot of work!

But in only 8 more weeks- my whole world will change..... time is flying by and hopefully we'll be able to close on our house next week, get all moved in, and get the kids and ourselves settled in before CJ makes his arrival.

How far along? 32 weeks

Body Changes? Belly is growing- hair is growing, nails are still growing- although I got the comment from my mother this weekend that she thinks my legs are shrinking.... great...

Sleep: what's that? I spoke to soon when I said I was sleeping pretty good- I jinxed myself- ugh!

Best moment this week: Carlos and Korry's trip to Florida!! Where Carlos popped THE question!! It's sweet since I had been let in on this little secret for the past few weeks- hehe!

Gender: BOY-

Cravings: nothing..... still nothing... although I made this awesome Pumpkin Gooey Butter Cake- and I could just blame that on the cravings.... right?

What I miss: sleeping

Symptoms: moving belly and pants that don't fit

What I am looking forward to: bunko next week and then my friend Lori's birthday next weekend! We are off to see New Moon-

Milestones: packing- slowly but surly we will have this old house packed up- to move into the new house- I think we will be closing next week. I can. not. wait. yay!

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