Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Talk about dissapointment....

So the house is all ready, walk throughs are all done- and closing date is set. Today (11/24/09) at 11:00am was suppose to be our moment of celebration! our closing date.



Something happened with the documents between the loan officer and title company and blah blah blah "we can get you closed until Monday"


I have scheduled cable to be turned on- a new refrigerator is being delivered- we are all packed- we have no plates, no cups, we are living out of suit cases- it's Thanksgiving weekend- not to mention we are suppose to be OUT of our current house on Monday.

Anyhow- it sucks- BIG TIME!

But the house is done, we will close next week, we will still be together for Thanksgiving, we have some extra packing time..... come on- I am trying to think and put a positive spin on all this.

But without further ado- here are the latest pictures of our new house- that we can't live in- *sigh* yet....Front porch-Kitchen sink close up-

View from the living room-Master Shower-Master sink-

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