Thursday, January 21, 2010

Life in the first week of Kash Riley...

The next few days in the hospital were a blur. Between my nurse, Kash's nurse, shift changes, lactation consultants, billing people, visitors, etc.... people were in and out and we dozed on and off and adjusted to life with a newborn. Cody was great- I would even go as far to say- a perfect husband and father. How did I get so lucky?

As of Saturday- our discharge day! I hadn't even changed a diaper yet- Cody had done it all.

We got home Saturday afternoon around 3:00- and I was happy to be in our own house- on our own couch- our own TV- you get the point- just around our stuff!

Life has been great- Kash is perfection (I know- all moms say that about their babies) Big Bro and Sis have been great- MiMi came to stay a few days and help around the house- the dogs have accepted baby Kash-and you already know how I feel about my Prince Charming Husband- we have really settled in and even though there isn't really much of a "schedule" right now- I couldn't ask for more.

Kash grows a little bit everyday- opens his eyes more- lifts his head a little higher- explores his surroundings. He is such a sweet baby boy- even his screams, are sweet. I've been peed on- and thats ok! I love his "drunk baby" look- and his chubby wittle cheeks- I could just eat him up!

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  1. He's such a pretty baby. I can't wait to meet him. Congrats!!!