Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kash's Birth Story (part 1- before the epidural)

SO- today we check into the hospital! yay! Well this evening actually..... so what should we do today???
Cody had the day off- so we decided to run around and just have some fun- enjoy our last day without having a baby- that's just crazy!
We started the morning with our favorite breakfast spot in town- Kerby Lane- it's soo good! and we pigged out for one last time- (before the new baby diet starts.... right??) Anyhow- it was great and fun. I almost forgot to mention- I turned 41 weeks today too- never thought I would be saying that-

After breakfast we finished up some last minute "baby stuff", took naps, and made sure our hospital bag was packed. Then we headed up to La Margarita for some trivia and Micheladas (with O'douls of course) Cody was even a good sport and had O'douls with me!

(our set up at La Margarita)

Then it was time to get ready. I was nervous, excited, anxious, etc....

(just checking the list)

(Daddy was really excited!)

We stopped at Baskin Robbins for a double scoop of yummy ice cream- then headed to the hospital to check in!

I really didn't know what to expect- I mean- I had my suspicions- but wasn't quite sure. We got there, settled into our room, and met our nurse for the night- Laura- she is due with her 1st son in March- so she had lots of encouraging words for us- and great advice. I got hooked up to an IV with fluids and they started me on some Cytotec- to start the labor process.

(all hooked up)

The plan was that I would be on the Cytotec for 12 hours- and then they would check my progress and start the Pitocin at 7:00 am.

(still smiling)

They did offer me Ambien for sleep- but I turned it down- I didn't want to be all kinds of groggy the next day- and I am glad that I didn't take it.

(our movie set up)

7:00 am rolled around pretty quick! and in came Dr. Irvin to check my progress- still none- only at 1 cm dilated- but she broke my water and started the pitocin. WOW- watchout! I was a little nervous about all that.....
She said that she didn't want me to get an epidural until I reached 3 cm- ok- I can handle that.... right??
Holycrapmotherofgod! How long does it take to get to 3 freakin centimeters?? They gave me some pain meds through my IV- to "take the edge off" but that wore out in about an hour Contractions effing H-U-R-T! I honest to god thought that my hips were going to split apart. That must be what it feels like to be drawn and quartered by a horse.... I'm only guessing. Cody was a great support- I had asked him to count down my contractions- which were coming about 2 minutes apart and coming on strong- but he just couldn't count fast enough- 30 seconds seemed to last an hour.

Anyhow- about 11:00 am I finally made it to 3 cm and the "epidural God" was called into work. I have always heard girls say they could make out with the Anesthesiologist- and I thought it was funny. But seriously- I would have done anything for her! She was quick- it was painless- and Wa-La the pain was gone.

relief in sight........ ahhhhhh........

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  1. That is funny, our stories are identical almost! I can't wait to read part 2!