Thursday, January 14, 2010

Birth Story part 2- After the epidural- life is good!

Part 2 of Kash's Birth Story- life after the Epidural..... ahhhhh......

(ice chips- yummmmm...)

So now that I could breath- sit- talk- pain free- at last! Time just ticked away. I dozed in and out of sleep- and tired to focus on progressing and thinking positive thoughts of Kash's arrival. At each check point- I was making progress- slowly but surely- so that was good! There were a few scary moments- like when they gave me a shot of Ephedrine in my IV- because Kash's heart rate was dropping- but my nurse Laura was back and I was determined to have Kash on her shift! so that would end at 7:00pm.

(Just waiting around)

Around 5:30 or so I started stalling out at 9 cm- ugh! Dr. Irvin was sure that Kash was not liking that too much- and I was nervous that she was going to talk c-section. But then Papa Lou arrived-straight from the airport- still in his Captains uniform and all- and I guess that's what Kash was waiting on- because about 1 minute after he came in to say hello- it was push time! yay!

Unfortunately it was also 7:00pm- so Laura had to leave- but she left me in good hands with Misty- what a good way to start your shift- I asked her if she was ready to get this show on the road and help have this baby- whooopeeee- she was pumped up!

We talked about pushing and how "using your bowel muscles" need to use the big words around here- let's just get it all out there- you are basically talking about the poop ones- LOL! and we practiced some pushes....

My mom (MiMi- that's what she has decided to be called) was making me nervous... with every push she was holding her breath- I thought she was going to pass out... BreatheMother-Breathe- goodness- that's all we needed- a passed out grandma.

So we agreed on Cody counting- MiMi breathing- and me pushing- they both helped me with the sit up position.

Dr. Irvin said that she thought they were going to have to use the vacuum- because Kash was not liking all this stress- and we needed to get him out of there. I guess he was still determined to just stay comfy on the inside- haha! But I was ready to meet my son- and I really didn't want to use the vacuum- so I pushed with all I had- I only had to squeeze out "shutupmother" one time... she was already crying and babbling- just like grandmas do-

Cody was trying to focus on counting- I think at one point Dr. Irvin told him to slow down- he may have even skipped a few numbers...1,2,3,6,7,9,10.... and MiMi hadn't passed out yet- so we were still doing good-

and the words "one more push like that- and he'll be here" OK- so let's do it! and POP- 23 minutes later- no vacuum needed- and Kash Riley was born. They put him on my chest and my son was here. Perfection! He looked up at me and he looked like Caleb- so I guess that would mean Cody- what a pretty baby boy!
(All done- One happy mama!)

I heard the doctor tell Cody to cut the cord- but not his privates- LOL! That would NOT be good. They put him over under the warming lamp and he peed all over everyone- it was great. I had to remind Cody and my mom to grab their cameras and start taking pictures. (How come I am having to take care of these two- and I was the one having the baby....hmmm... hahaha!)

I can remember hearing his 1st cry and seeing him look up at me for the first time. He scored 8 & 9 on his Apgar scores, and weighed in at 8 lbs 9 oz, 19 inches long.

It was the most memorable moments- I hope I can recall these exact feelings and memories for a lifetime.

Cody went with Kash to the nursery and I got all cleaned up, we ordered pizza, and got ready to move to our post- partum recovery room. I was SO hungry- I hadn't eaten in over 30 hours.... and Mr. Gattis was calling my name.


  1. What a great birth story! I am so impressed with how you stuck it out and knew that you could do it for Kash! You look SO happy in the second to last picture :)

  2. That is a great story - you made me tear up! Congrats! I can't wait to meet Kash.