Saturday, April 24, 2010

Two more months-

Until we finally get to meet Baby Steinbarger! It's super exciting because no one knows if this will be

Aspen Jade


Colton Chase (or if Daddy gets his way- it could be Fisher.... right?)

Either way! YAY! That's just got to be exciting- can you imagine- pushing and laboring, waiting the whole 9 months and finally the doctor says "IT'S A BOY/ GIRL"

Lori's shower was this past weekend and it was great!

The food was fabulous- we had fun with the Name the Baby's Celebrity Mom game. Speaking of.... there are some crazy crazy celebrity baby names out there!

I think Lori is well stocked and on her way to being prepared for baby- or as prepared as you can be...right?

She's going to be a great mom- and I can't wait for her to be able to experience all the joys of motherhood! It really is the best feeling ever!
She is looking super cute!

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