Thursday, April 1, 2010

Cutie Pa- Tootie!

I know- so sorry- it's been too long since I have been in the blog world! I miss all of you I promise! But sad as it is for me...... I go back to work on Monday- booooo

BUT- good for you (and me too) that means that I will get to chat with all of my work ladies, get back to my blog, maybe get a work out in, go do some shopping, maybe go out to lunch and- ya know- other fun things I do while I am at work! (I am sure I will fit some actual work in there too)

Kash is great- the past 11 weeks have flownbysuperfast! varrroooommmm..... it's a good thing he's so cute- because I tell ya- his poots aren't....

Between his poots, poops, and formula burbs- yuck! this house is one stinky place! LOL! (then add in Diesel's gas- and I am surprised anyone can breathe in here)- guess we should have thought about that before we named his Diesel *giggles*

Anyhow- ya'll come on over! haha!

I am outta here starting Monday- so back to the 'real world' of working moms- it's gonna be fun!

See you soon!

hearts and kisses! I'll leave you with some pictures of the CutiePa-Tootie himself! watchout- you might pass out from cuteness! (hopefully not from smells)

All ready for my 1st SWSX show!

bright lights bright lights

too handsome

no shirt and all drool- that's right ladies-

bath time!

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