Friday, June 4, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend of Fun!

What a weekend! We drove out to the Oak Creek Reservoir to visit with the Kageler family!
We haven't had a chance to see them since we all went to Sea World LAST year- too long! I could not believe how big their son K-Kaleb had gotten. (so on this trip we have C-Caleb and K-Kaleb or you could say Big Caleb and Little Kaleb- whatever) Anyhow- K-Kaleb is just toooooo cute! (so is C but since he's almost to the double digits this month- that's right turning the big 1-0 he thinks he's too grown up for cute now-a-days- but that's a whole-nother post) C is also trying to quit a nasty nose picking habit- that's right C- I will embarrass you to the whole blogging world if you don't get that dang finger OUT of your nose- grossgrossgross-gag-
-OK- back to Memorial Day Weekend- sorry about that

We woke up in the morning to fish (and because Kash was hungry) and some fishing those kids did! WOW- Caleb and Ciara both caught their fair share of some fishies. Next visit hopefully we'll have the cleaning station all set up and then it's Fish Fry time! I can just see Ciara gutting and cleaning fish- yea right! I guess I will have to see if I can figure out my Granny's fish fry recipe- or better yet- her hush puppies- they are the best EVER-
First catch of the day!

Catch #2- what a smile- right?? LOL!
OK- so now he's warming up to this whole "fish" thing! yummmm sushi-
Holding a nasty fish and still looking pretty-
After the kids and boys came back from fishing- we loaded up and enjoyed the day. Between hanging out in the water- on the lake- riding the tube- and sitting on their HUGE front porch- it was just great.

Look at that size of that catfish!!! watchout!
The kids must have made a billionbazillionmillion miles in the golf cart- they loved that thing! and according to those brave enough to ride with them- they are pretty good drivers. (they probably learned that from me) (stop laughing mother...)

We picked up the game- RedNeck Golf- which was a TON of fun- and according to Les- this RedNeck Golf set was even 'rednecker' than usual.... if that's possible. I think some may call it Ladder Golf- either way- it's red neck- has nothing to do with golf- and it's fun! We spent the evenings sitting out on the porch- enjoying the sunset- enjoying our company- and cooking out- it really was a great trip. Thanks for having us Kageler's and we can't wait to do it again!

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  1. Great pics! This post made me laugh because my 15 m.o. just started picking his nose. You ask him where his nose is & he sticks his finger IN his nose! Ew.

    Thanks for linking to me in your blogroll. :)