Monday, September 27, 2010

It's all in the moments-

Last week we were out at our favorite little neighborhood pizza place- Brooklyn Height's Pizzeria- it's SO good! Love this place- all the waitresses loooooove them some Kash- they would probably give him free pizza- too bad he doesn't eat any yet. Anyhow- out off the back patio they have a big play ground for all the kids to go crazy in. It's really nice- Mom and Dad can sit out and enjoy themselves while the kids run around and play out their energy.

It was a nice afternoon-some clouds in the sky- but the sun was out. All the sudden- I guess one of those clouds decided to open up and it just started POURING- kids were running in off the playground soaking wet. No idea where this little rain storm came from- but it came.

So sitting next to us was a cute couple and their 2 kids. A little girl about 9-10 months old- Kash was checking her out. And a little boy- probably about 3 years old. I guess the little boy asked if he could go play on the play ground and his mom said yes. Thinking that he would go out on the patio- see that it was raining- and come back inside.
So he ran out on the patio- and ran straight out to the playground! Then he came running back- SOAKED- I mean- water running off of his head- soaking wet. He was crying. He probably thought he was about to get in BIG trouble.

You know what happened next??

The dad marched out there- only he didn't yell at the little boy. He didn't get in trouble. The dad went and played in the rain with him. They ran out together- ran in the rain- played on the play ground- splashed in the puddles- and laughed. When they came back to the patio- they were both soaking wet. It was very cute- so sweet- touching.

I think years from now- that little boy will remember the time that he and his dad went out and played in the rain. What a moment-

Sometimes I think we forget to choose our battles- and we forget to stop and make memories- and life is too short to not play in the rain.

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