Friday, October 8, 2010

Stock the Bar

*I have been meaning to post this FORever- I wrote it a long time ago- but yada yada- excuses excuses- anyhow- here you go!*

Love it in the air! Between now and the 1st weekend in November- Cody and I have 3 weddings to attend. We couldn't be happier for all of our friends tying the knot. We kicked off Korry and Carlos's wedding celebration this past weekend with a Stock the Bar Shower! We had a blast!

I tried to document the preparation of the night- but didn't take many pictures as the night went on- darn! But I know that Korry did! So hopefully I can add her pictures soon.

soooo- on the note of preparation- I learned a few things. Like- I need help :) and THANK YOU husband for helping me! I know it's probably not your favorite thing to do- but you did a fantastic job! I on the other hand- love it! Love getting a lot little stressed and making the all the details and then wa- la- sparkles and glitter- it all comes together and you see the finished product!

So here is the"before" picture- I was mapping out how I wanted to set everything up- yes- I even drew a diagram.... that's right- I'm weird like that!

I made the signs using scrapbook paper- printed and then cut out the letters- and then hung them up on a string- I was very happy with the way these turned out-

The groom-

The bride

Thier present-
I tried to do a whole "black and white with some color splash theme" LOL! that's a lot to say...

Prizes for games-

Now the cooking begins! We did "bar food"- I mean- it is a Stock the Bar party- right...
Here are some ingredients

more stuff- important stuff...

still... more stuff...

The cutest helper! or company keeper- he didn't help much- but he's great company-

Table #1

We had sliders-

Twice stuffed baked potatoes- or are the Stuffed twice baked potatoes? Either way- I only stuffed them once- but I guess I cooked them twice...

Cilantro butter corn on the cob

Hot wings!! yummy! We did Buffalo Hot and a Garlic Teriyaki

Table #2

We had a cheese/ pickles/ olives/ cucumber and dip tray-

yummmm- some cherry tomatoes with basil and mozzarella drizzled in balsamic vinegar

Everyone favorite- stuffed mushrooms-

some cheddar cheese jalapeno sausages-

awwww.... Carlos and Korry the perfect pair~! That was for our Pear Martinis-

We used this V5 Vodka- although the Groom kept "forgetting" the pear part of the drink..

We made sure to be fully stocked of the
Bride drink of choice- Pear Cider
and the Grooms drink of choice- Guinness

and we can't forget dessert!

The Groom and his Best Man-

End of the night fun!! funfunfun!

We had a blast! the shower was a hit- I can't wait- just a few more weeks until wedding time! Congrats Korry and Carlos- The Brooks family is very  happy for you and we are happy that we had the chance to celebrate such a special time in your lives!!

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