Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Summer in full swing-

It's been HOT! and we are having a great time. The new job is going great- and we are keeping cool with AC (yikes- the bills!) and swimming pools- and fans- and lots of sunblock.

We have been on the go- so that's why the long delay in posting here- I am going to try and catch back up. And on top of that.... I can't find my stinking camera- ugh! I am sure it's around here somewhere- but... where?

I guess I can always come back and add pictures later- so I am just going to catch you up real quick with *gasp* words- they are little things that are made up by putting letters together- and if my spell check will work right- then hopefully some of these letters will actually make sense! Fingers crossed.

The new job has been going great! I have got my "routine" down and I am being very good about sticking to it and getting lots of work done. Very nice. I try and get out of the house once a day- usually to hit up the gym- but then back to my office and back to work. (oh! and I will have to take some pictures of my office- yay)
The only thing I can say is that- although I have been good about having dinner on the table by the time DaddyC and BabyK get home from work- MUCH easier to do since I get to skip out on the hour commute home just sitting in traffic. But- I find myself wanting to go out to eat more- just to get back out of the house.
And Gracie snores WAY to loud- but if those are my only complaints- and they really aren't even complaints- just realizations... if that's a word- anywhoo- just saying- it's going good.

BigBroC is turning 11 this month- BigSisC is turning- dun dun ta-dun- 13 in August- and BabyK will be 18 months next month-

We have been out to the lake more than once- and really enjoy spending time there. We went back in May with our friends from Lubbock- and then again just a week ago or so- to Lake Conroe with my mom. That is a big lake. We had a great time playing washers, Pip (it's a dice game), laying by the pool, eating crawfish and cooking out. Even rented a boat for a day- good times.

So you can see that I am truth telling- when I say we have been busy. I'm off to find the camera and hopefully can add some pictures soon.

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