Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Today is a good day-

Just like Ice Cube says-

Today is a good day.

Only I forgot my AK- oh well-

here's what DID happen-

I made it to my favorite step class and got my butt kicked and The Watch says that I burned 607 calories in an hour- so yes- I remembered to actually start the watch!

Got to celebrate one of my friends birthdays last night- it was a surprise and she LOVED it! (on that note- she got a Watch too- I need to remind her that she has to actually start it to burn calories)

And tonight we are celebrating BigBroC's 11th birthday! With dinner at the Hibachi grill- how fun!

It rained last night- and even though that kept BabyK up part of the night (that part, not so good) it was nice to hear actual rain drops- don't remember the last time we heard those... and we soooo needed it!

It Wednesday- so 1/2 way through the work week- whopwhop!

whatelse- whatelse- whatelse

Oh- I know!!!

I found my camera- yo!

Yea- so stayed tuned for picture upload city! yay! It was in the bottom of the pool bag- go figure. I swear I looked there like a bazillion times- but whatev-

Hope you all are having a fant-ablous day!


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  1. Thanks, now I have that song stuck in my head. ;) So what is this Watch you speak of? I asked for a new sports watch for my b-day & one that tells you how many calories you burn sounds cool!

    And thanks for commenting on my blog(s). :)