Thursday, June 30, 2011

Days of summer fun!

K's school is so fun! They get to experience so much fun stuff- things I would never think about doing. Music class, splash day fun, painting, making play-doh, art time, story time, you name it- they do it. He has learned sign language, animal noises, and manners-  he's such a good little student.

Music class at school- fun with Mr. Will

Check it out- I can play the drums!

awwww- she loves me.....

wazzz up?

too cool for school-
 you know- just chillin' and doing some art on the playground-

maybe if we hide under here- no one will find us.

how do they get all these kids to be so peaceful all at the sametime?

Splash Day at school! yay!

Let's get wet!

Music with Mr. Will during snack time- yummyumm- lalalalala

K sure loves his teachers and going to school- and I miss not getting to pick him up at the end of the day- but I know his Daddy sure loves that "run to me smile"

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