Friday, July 22, 2011

A new place to potty-

Yay- we did it! We started AND finished our 1st house project - and we are all in one piece. Of course- we still have other unfinished projects around the house-

but let's just .... hmmm... what's the saying? let's bask in the glory? nah

that doesn't sound right.

bake in the glory? I don't think that's it either.

Anyhow- whatever it is- we are doing it in glory!!

I wanted a purple bathroom- shhh- stay with me- I don't know why- I just thought it would be fun and daring- whew! It turned out better than I expected. Really. The pictures don't really do it justice.

Here we go-

ok- so this is our small 1/2 bath downstairs

view from the outside looking straight ahead

view looking towards the toilet

see it's all drab and boring- not anymore!

I got some wooden framed mirrors from Ikea- and painted them purple and put little marble things all over them. See-

pretty huh?
the purple looks a little brighter in this picture- but you get the idea

 here's a view from the outside looking towards the mirror
and the obligatory husband's beer while he works shot.

 pictures hanging on the wall

 the new shelves over the toilet

view towards the sink again

 my cutie little messer upper helper.
If there is a sport for unrolling toilet paper rolls in a matter of seconds
 he would WIN!

So that''s it folks! all done. Now of to the other bazillion million quadrillion other house projects to do.

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