Friday, July 8, 2011

Sleep Deprived-

Remember when you had a newborn? and you didn't get sleep? and you were surprised at how well you could function on such little itty bitty sleep?

and that one glorious night- when your little one slept through the night!!!!! and the clouds parted- and sunshine rays shined through- and rainbows appeared- and angles sang!!!

and you were like "YES! This is what it feels like to sleep again!"

so so nice-

at 10 weeks old BabyK started sleeping through the night- it was awe.some.

But now- at 17 months- yes almost 1 1/2 years old- he has decided that he no longer needs sleep.


he no longer needs sleep unless its on mommy or in mommy's bed.


this week we have been trying some tough love. Thursday night I rocked him for 30 minutes- he was out cold- I put him in bed- and crying begins.

He cried on and off for 1.5 HOURS  ya'll- it breaks my heart. (now- let me get this straight- he did not cry that whole time- just little fits and cries for about 5 minutes each- then he would talk to himself and hang out- and NOT sleep)

FINALLY- he started falling asleep standing up- yes- STANDING- and he was so wobbly standing- that finally he fell to his bottom and then tried sleeping sitting up. Swaying all over the place- it was kind of funny actually. And then finally finally he laid himself down and went to sleep.

Only to wake up crying at 4 am-

This is newborn stuff right??

My clouds have closed- my rainbows are poop- no sunshine rays and angels singing... what happened?

Last night I left a night light on. I gave him a extra snuggly doggie to hangout with him. and again- the same thing-  except after an hour- he actually wedged himself in the corner of the crib standing up- so he really did fall asleep there- standing.

So I need help- ideas- suggestions-

On one hand- I think he's safe in the crib- do I just leave him in there- pour myself a bottle glass of wine and turn the monitor volume all the way down?

I know bringing him to our bed is a badbadbad habit to break- and I am paranoid and scared of it- but as of right now- it's pretty much the only way we can get in a good nights sleep.

so it's documented here moms- if it happens to any of you. Or if it has happened to any of you- what did you do? is it a phase? a growth spurt?

I need my rainbows- sunshine- and angels back!

and if I can get a picture of him stand sleeping- I will definitely add it! LOL-

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  1. This definitely happened to us. :( Jonah would wake off and on throughout the night, and most times we'd let him figure it out and he'd go back down after a few mins, but sometimes he was full on scream crying, so I'd go in there and pat him back down, or give him some milk. Jonah hit a big growth spurt right around 18 mos. He would down 6 ounces of milk in the middle of the night because he was so hungry.
    Each night when we put Jonah down he'll talk or sing himself to sleep, which usually takes about 20-30 mins. I just lower that monitor and start catching up on my DVR'd shows- checking on him occasionally. Good luck with K! I think its just a rough patch or growth spurt. The rainbows will come out again soon!