Friday, July 1, 2011

Dread- dread-

what do I dread?
bathing suit shopping- ohhhhhh- how I dread thee. Let me count the ways.

I know I know- we don't have all day.

Ok- enough of that- It's time- I haven't bought a new suit in almost 2 years- because....

Well because I was hoping to be able to confidently wear some of the ones I already had.

You know- the ones I bought for our honeymoon-

Pretty- cute- lovelies. Like this cutie that I got for our honeymoon trip-

But remember- on said honeymoon- the husband and I came back as a party of 3. And how the past two years have flown by and of course BabyK has filled our lives and yadayadayda... blehch!

I have been sporting a cute skirt and top that I LOVE- but first all- the top is an old "going out" top that I use to wear- and it's just not holding up the parts that it's suppose to-

*yes- I use to wear this top out- like with low rise jeans- and I rocked it oh-kay... let's just skip past that part*

I mean how freakin hard is it to find a black bandeau -not belly showing bandeau- but black strapless takini top. I have looked EVERYwhere- I am willing to pay top dollar just so that I can replace this one that is umm how do we say- losing it's elastic...

OK- so today was the day. This is what I learned.

1. bathing suits are expensive- ok let me re-phrase- if you want a bathing suit that will hold all the right places in- then be ready to spend some cash...
2. dressing room lighting is bad
3. take off your shoes- bathing suits and tennis shoes will NEVER look good- take off the socks too
4. babies + bikinis = is a no go for me. This is not a whine- But that's why I am hitting the gym- and that's why I listen to The Watch, and that's why I went to the gym 1st- before going to the mall-
5. go to the gym- A LOT-
6. once you have said kids- keep in mind- that you don't just get to lay on chairs- relaxing, sipping cold beverages, and working on your tan- NO you are running and chasing- and this is good since it burns calories- so keep this in mind when picking out a suit

Anyhow- surprisingly I narrowed it down to 3-4. And ended up with this one. It's cute and comfy. and it does come with a strap- since we don't want the girls to make a public appearance.

So if you know where I can find a black strapless takini top- pleasepleaseplease tell me! Then I will have two suits to sport this summer!

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  1. I 1000% agree with you, bathing suit shopping & wearing = major dread!! I loathe it. I had to do some bathing suit shopping recently, and each time I came out almost in tears. I finally found a set I liked from an online shop- Alloy. Not bad, not too expensive (I'm confused why they have to be so damn expensive too), and it holds the mommy jiggly bits in place. Your bathing suit choice is adorable, I really like it!