Thursday, April 26, 2012

Random Spring Fun

The past few weeks we have been all over the place. We have been to GA twice. Then I had a work trip to Boston.  And in between that time was Easter and our Mudbug Murder Fest. Needless to say we have been busy. So here are some snaps of us out and about.

Triple glasses-

Single glass

My new assistant. Sorry if you can't understand him. As long as you want to talk about cars, trucks, and things that go fast- you should be good to go. (really I should fire him, but he's so cute)

We painted and decorated our bedroom. Looks good! I am so happy with the results. We plan to get a new bedspread... our theme is the gray, brown, and turquoise- so maybe something that brings that all together.

Visit with Gigi and Aunt Cyd

Our 1st Round Rock Express baseball game of the season!

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