Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Mustache Bash!

What a great time! I had not had the opportunity to plan a baby shower before - so as soon as these two announced they were expecting- I started 'pinning' and planning like crazy!

We decided on a Mustache Bash theme- and for these two- it really couldn't have been better. They requested a party- where there just happened to be a pregnant girl- and so a party is what we had!

I admit- I had lots of help- so I will pass that along to all of you-

I got this inspiration from here- we used a hula- hoop for the middle- and then plastic table cloths for the runners. has great deals on table cloths, serving dishes, plates, etc... and a HUGE selection of colors!
Really- it looked better in person... I should have taken more pictures- but you get the idea.

At the request of the Dad to Be- we didn't have any party stopping games. All of the games and activities just went on behind the scenes. We did a 'Name that Stache' game. And of course- we had a prize for the winner- Maker's Mark (Dad to Be's favorite) If you google famous mustaches- you will find ALL kinds of stuff- just narrow down which ones you want to showcase, print up some score cards, decorate a little box so that people can drop their cards in- and then score them all towards the end of the night.

I made lots of Mustache on a stick- these were fun! I purchased these from Etsy shop Pink Pueblo- for $5- such a steal! I used these for making the invitations, all the signs you see framed, and for the mustache on a stick- great deal!

For the Mom to Be (and baby) we also set up a coloring station with all the letters of the alphabet- that way everyone could help in making Baby C's 1st book! On the front of each page was a letter and on the back were some questions to answer. Like "Advice for the parents to be____" and  "My favorite thing about your mom/ dad is________"

The book turned out great-  we had one out of town hostess- and the sister, nieces, and new Grandma of the Mom to Be couldn't be there- so I sent them all letters before the shower- and got tears of joy and surprise when she saw who all had helped create the picture book.

One of my favorites was from her niece, who did the beautiful A that you see below- under the "Advice for the parents to be" she wrote:
#1 be forgiving
#2 have medicine for cat scratches nearby at all times


 Working hard on his creation- we don't want any slackers coloring in the new picture book!

The VERY happy Parents To Be

 The hostesses

We all play bunko together- going on 10 years! can you believe it?

fabulous onsies, bibs, burp cloths done by a good friend of mine. I SO wish I could give you a link to her shop- but she has decided to close the doors to focus more on being a full time mommy to her 2 beautiful babies. Sad for me- but happy for her!

 ok- so let's just get to it- I know we all want to know what food we had! I mean- come on- that's the important part right?

 Since we had kids and adults- and tastes of all kinds-  here is what we did. From left to right:
- Mini wedge salads- would do these again in a heart beat. Easy- cut up iceberg lettuce into 8ths (for those mathematically challenged, like me, that's in 1/2 once- then again 1/4s, then again = 1/8) Stick a toothpick with cherry tomatoes on it through the middle to hold it all together, sprinkle with bacon crumbles and some good blue cheese crumbles and then drizzle with blue cheese dressing. We made our own- and you should too! it's so much better than bottled.
- Fruit & Cheese skewers- again easy peasy. We did Monterrey Jack cheese cubes, pineapple, and half a strawberry- all on a toothpick
- Tomato, Basil, Mozzarella salad. YUM. It's back there covered in the white bowl. I almost forgot about it. Not to worry- it all was scooped up. Recipe here.
-Ham, Pickles & Cheese- ummm there is a pregnant lady here- so pickles was requested for sure. 
-Pepperoni Pinwheels- served with marinara dipping sauce. Huge Hit. For the adults and the kiddos. Will definitely be making these again. Recipe here.
-Cowboy Sliders- so easy- good- filling. YUM. Pin-spiration here.
-Bacon Wrapped Bread- yes- you read that right. When I read this recipe- I shook my head. No way something so easy could taste so good. You would never guess that this is a 3 ingredient recipe. But it is. Find it here.
Tortellini Skewers- served with cilantro pesto dipping sauce. No recipe- but pin-spiration here.

And then there were sweets. 
Peanut butter was the other requested from the Mom to Be, and Tres Leches from the Dad to Be.

I struggled with the Tres Leches. I mean- I make a dynamite Tres Leches- but let's face it- even thought it tastes soooo good- it's just an ugly dessert- presentation wise. I looked and looked on how to make it look pretty- but most of the techniques I found were beyond my baking skills.
and then WA-LA!
One of my most favorite blogs- and she had a recipe for Tres Leches Coconut Cupcakes-
I can do this!! and we did. and they were great. 

The longest part was letting the Tres Leches soak into the cupcake. What worked best for us is using one of these squirt bottles that we just had laying around. Then I could stick the tip down in the cupcake and squirt the mild inside. (mind out of gutter- stay with me) Anyhow- you don't have to worry about the top of the cupcake  looking all holey (hmmm... is that a word?) not looking pretty- because then you whip the frosting on top and cover with the toasted coconut and they are pretty all over again!

check this out- actually found mustache duct tape at Walmart! can you believe it? Then obviously used it to wrap all the water bottles.

All in all- it was a hit. Everyone had a great time. Baby Carlos is due any day now- so ticktockticktock- we can't wait to meet him- and hope that mom and baby have a save and happy birth-day!

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