Thursday, October 11, 2012

Granny's Cabinet Re-do or Up-do

whatever- I guess I didn't really 're-do' this china cabinet- but it for sure got an all new improved look!

Check it out!

Here it is before. This came from my Ganny's house- all the way from Georgia. It's funny- because it still smelled like her.

The news paper is covering the glass.

We picked a bright teal blue color- I LOVE it.

the inside we painted a copper color- I don't think I took any pictures of us doing that in the process- it came out really great.

we didn't sand it or anything- which allowed the wood to come through the paint.

now what kind of hardware to put on it??

after looking and looking- we decided on these- ordered them from HomeDepot- on line.

Ta- Da! All done.

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