Monday, March 18, 2013

3 year stats

3 years... WOW-

still growing- and amazing us all everyday.

Growing- but still in the 10% for weight and height- at your appointment you were:
Weight- 28 lbs 2 oz
Height- 36 inches

Right now you are loving robots, transformers, and still love to race your cars. We watched Real Steel with Hugh Jackman and you love it. You will line up the couch cushions around the room and 'box' them. And of course finish it all off with the robot dance.

You also like to 'transform' You make sound effects and go from a standing position and transform into a car (laying on the ground position) Then make the sounds to transform back up to a Transformer!

Your JJ (who spoils you- along with all your grandparents) has recently given you a new transformer- Bumble Bee. It goes just about everywhere with us. She also gave you a Spiderman jacket. (the hood comes up and goes over your eyes- giving your Spidey- eyes) We wear it aLOT. When you wear it to school all the kids think it's so cool and they will shout out for SPIDERMAN! You can even throw your web.

You can count and now are recognizing numbers- like the numbers on the race cars. You know several songs, but on repeat for you these days is
- Justin Beiber- Body Rock
- Pink- So What
- Skrillex- Rock-n-Roll
you look like the Coppertone baby

All of these you have learned from the Wii Dance 4 and you even know- memorized-  the dance moves! You really get into it. (I think you get the dance moves from your mom- the good ones anyhow)

Last night on the way home I told you that the Bachelor Finale was coming on tonight and you said
"oh my goodness! that's so cute"

You also like to say 'awesome'  'oh my word' 'I didn't do that'  'that's my favorite ____'

laying on Daddy
Your Dad finished your big boy bed last weekend and we have you room almost ready to go. We will be making that transition very soon. Probably going to actually take your crib apart and pack it away until we are ready to use it for your sister. I think I am more nervous about the move than you are. Upstairs just seems like so far away.

your transformer Top Spin- you asked me to take this picture
You are a very picky eater. Chicken nuggets, hamburgers, pizza, mac-n-cheese, cheese, bananas, yogurt, apple sauce, spaghetti, turkey dogs, sausage, bagels with jelly, and any type of crackers- are you staples. You may not know it- but you have eaten fish sticks, calamari, and shrimp- we told you it was chicken :) But you liked them all. We also sneak in veggies in just about everything we can.

If I ask you what you like- you will tell me things like mushrooms, tomatoes, and salad- even though you haven't ever tried any of those (willingly)

You know how to work the Ipad like a pro. You can find your games (in a folder) your TV shows and movies and  YouTube is your favorite. You love to play outside. Riding your bike or playing in the dirt. Also playing with Daddy's tools. I imagine this summer you will become a fish in the pool.

I asked you what you thought we should name your sister- at 1st you said Firetruck. Pretty sure she would not be too happy about that. Later you told me Reagan or Forest- two of your friends at school.
your 1st time at the dentist- you were a CHAMP! everyone commented on how good you were.

We have pretty much mastered pee- pee in the potty. You can go by yourself and rarely have any accidents. Poo-Poo is a whole other story. You tell me that transformers go poo-poo in the potty- but not Kash. Hopefully one of these days you will make up your mind to go. You have gone maybe 3-4 times- but for some reason you don't like it and it seems to scare you. So we will be patient- I know when you make up your mind to do something- you can do it. That time will come.

you got skillz with your sippy cup
Every morning you wake up with a big smile and a snugly hug. It's the best way to start anyone's day. You are happy and brighten days often. You can have a hard head (not sure where you get that from) but at that same time it's nice to see you work situations out with your hard head. You grow more and more everyday- we are learning new things from you as often as you are learning from us. You are loved by more people than you can imagine.

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