Monday, March 18, 2013

well hello 24 weeks

I got a bump in the front and a bump in the back!

How far along? 24 weeks
Body Changes? pretty sure the belly is growing. and heartburn is a mo-fo. We had a jalapeno popper pizza (I KNOW) Saturday night- so good. Really good. But baby girl did not agree. Maybe it was just too much, I mean, cream cheese.... bacon.... jalapenos... on a pizza- YUM. But lesson learned.
Sleep: Besides the whole Spring forward clock change. Sleeping is going fairly well.
Best moment this week: Had a date night and went to see OZ- and ate pizza. Also had lunch with some highschool girl friends and that was very nice!
Food Cravings: maybe we should talk food aversions here. Guess I will be staying away from the jalapeno popper pizza... booo.
What I miss: 
Symptoms: tight belly- starting to have to take workouts a little easier because it gives me a weird discomfort below my belly. Heartburn.
What I am looking forward to: this week is Spring Break! Doctor's appointment on Wednesday. Sunny longer days.
Workouts: Like I said- taking it a bit easier. But still busting through. Making it to Boot Camp, Body Flow, and Combat once a week. Then lifting weights too- averaging about 4-5 workouts a week. Bought a maternity support belt and I am still unsure how I feel about it. It's just a little bit weird  Not really uncomfortable- but not comfortable either. Although it does seem to really help- especially in Combat class. 
Baby #1 at 24 weeks
Milestones: 24 weeks! yay! She's moving more- but I for sure felt like there was a LOT more movement the 1st time around. I am going to ask more about this at my appointment this week. Always something to worry about as a mother, right?

Let's see the side by side-

Baby #2 at 24 weeks

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