Friday, May 24, 2013

34.5 weeks- Mother's Day- and other random stuff

I know- it's been a long time. So let's catch up.

I went on my last trips before Miss arrives. Here in Indiana for a conference.

For Mother's day- I woke up to breakfast- Cody copy-cat the recipe from Kerby Lane- my fav EggsFransico! Sooo good- AND- I got a Lulu gift card so I can go shopping here soon. We also enjoyed the weekend- playing with the Castillo's at Hanover's- doing a little shopping- cooking out- relaxing and a nice dinner at La Estancia.

then I headed to our annual staff gathering- this year in New Orleans! My 1st time to go there. On the way, in the Austin airport they had the WWII Vets coming in from Washington- very touching.

1st night and I am already a huge NOLA fan! We all got hurricane glasses- and then next to that is the BEST shrimp and grits I have EVEReverever had. So good- I had 2 glasses full.

then we went out for some live music and beignets. YUM.

check these out! Buzz Balls- got them in the CVS right down the street. We will save them for a special celebration later this summer.

Me and Christen on the 2nd night. Dinner at Muriel's on Jackson Square. 
Dinner was awesome- and there was a tarot card reader there for us too!
No worries- she assured me that I am on the right track- keep doing what I am doing.

Then more beignets.

So now back home- back to the gym. 34 weeks- 

I am ready for 37 weeks and her to be full term- and then I am ready to meet her! Sleeping is off and on these days. But overall feeling pretty good. Traveling got me pretty puffy- in fact I lost my ankles but they came back. 

I knew the month of May was going to fly by- and here we are about to enjoy Memorial Day weekend- followed by the last week of school! Looking forward to the pool and some grilling this weekend.

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