Friday, June 11, 2010

5 Month Update

I am too cool!

well- I guess I should have started doing this..... well about 5 months ago.... BUT better late than never. So I just want to let you all in on what Kash has been up to.

Size: 12lbs, wearing 3-6 mo clothes and still wearing some 0-3 mo clothes

New Moves: rolling over back to front- he can do this pretty good now. He can also sit up unassisted for a couple of minutes- as long as he's focused. He can pull his knees under him and he can push himself up with his arms- but he hasn't quite figured out how to do both at the same time. So I think we have sometime before crawling starts.

Yummy Foods: still on formula, drinking 5 oz about every 3 hours. We got clearance from the doc to introduce some rice cereal and other beginner foods- so far I have put a tiny piece of sweet potato and a little avocado on my finger- both got a yucky face and both got spit out. So I don't think we are quite ready for real "food" yet, so we will just stick with formula for a bit longer. But if you put a cup or bottle anywhere near him he will try to drink it- so watch out- he may try to steal your drink!

Any Words: Definitely lots of babbling, and some Mamamama's- but no formed words

Sleeping: taking 2 naps daily, we start bed time routine at about 7:30-45ish and Kash is usually asleep by 8:15-30, he sleeps all night (even now it makes me nervous to say this- like I may still jinx myself) he usually wakes up about 6:00am on weekdays and if we are lucky he will sleep until 7:00-30 on weekends. If we are really lucky after he wakes up at 7:00 and has a bottle- he will go back to sleep until 9:00am or so!! WOW!
For naps he is sleeping on his tummy in his crib and for bedtime he is still sleeping in his swing. We just aren't quite ready to move him upstairs yet- it seems so far away!

Best Moments: laughter! by far the best- there isn't anything that Cody and I won't do to hear him laugh. He loves it when I put my hair down around his face, like a little hair cave- I think it tickles him. He loves bath time with Dad- I can hear them in there making all kinds of funny noises and laughing.

Favorite Things: He loves loves loves his bouncer- he just goes to town in that thing! He is also ticklish on his feet and under his arms, especially when Cody rubs his scruffy chin against the bottom of his feet. It's so funny because he makes this face like "errrrr do I laugh or errrr do I cry" LOL i'ts pretty funny!
He's been sucking on his lips- both lips- it's the strangest thing- he will also put any and every thing that he comes in contact with- fingers, toys, everything- all goes straight in his mouth. And the drool- O.M.G. the drool! It's everywhere-

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