Monday, June 14, 2010

My Take Monday- hair

So I figured I would start with something easy- and something that I really like LOVE! My friend Dr. Jess (she's the dermatologist) got me some Victoria's Secret hair products for my birthday one year. I have been a user ever since!

First off- I have really thick curly hair.

(well it was thick- when does the post baby hair loss stop anyhow? hopefully soon....)

It's sometimes unmanageable- and that's why it's usually pulled back in a ponytail. But on that same note- my hair is easy to fix. I wash it- and then put some sort of product in it while it's wet- and then let it air dry. So not too much maintenance.

Let me just say- the Victoria's Secret hair products are AWESOME! I love the way the shampoo and conditioner smell- soooo goooood! I use the Wave Enhancing Spray- which also smells good and gives my curls just the right amount of tame and bounce.

And at 3 for $24- pretty good deal ladies! And they have products for all types of hair. The only downside I have to say about these is that you have to travel to Victoria's Secret to buy them. And that means going to the mall for me. And that means shopping.

And that means t-r-o-u-b-l-e.

Or I guess you could order online- and try just try to not look at any of the other TONS of cute stuff that Victoria's Secret has to offer.

Anyhow- overall I would definitely recommend these products to friends. I hope you all enjoy them as much as I have. *Thanks Jess for introducing them to me :)

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