Thursday, June 17, 2010

Dad's Day Pictures

It's pretty easy to take good pictures when you have such good models! These turned out pretty good! Kash was SOOOO in awe of the grass- I could hardly get him to look at the camera-

enjoy :)

Pretty girl- all tan-

ohhhhh grass..... it's green-
Kash! Look at mommy! over here!

hmmmmm- drool-
Mommy- where?
Over here?

nope- NOT going to look at you- no matter how many noises you make!
I bet our neighbors think we you are weird.
Silly boys-
What a sweetie-
Final products-

Happy Father's Day- to a wonderful father, a loving husband- my best friend- I could not -and would not- want to make it without you. You make my world go round- and for these kids- you are the ULTIMATE super hero. We all love you very much!


  1. OMG I love them all SO much. I think you should make the three you're keeping huge and then put the others around it, but smaller. Not sure if that makes sense and regardless, they all turned out super cute (I'm partial to the drool myself)

  2. Adorable! Cody is one lucky guy! ;)

  3. They are all so cute!!! Great pictures!!!!

  4. Precious! What a perfect photoshoot! BTW, Kash did great! I bet Cody loved it!