Tuesday, August 31, 2010

You might be a redneck if....

Are we redneck? wait- dont' answer that!

And if you had to think about that for too long- then you already know your answer. (some family members are probably whooting and a hollering- cheering for team redneck- LOL) (in case  you didn't know- their answer is YES)

So a few things have occurred at our household to make me think to myself "Hmmpf- that was pretty redneck"

But in Texas- everyone is a littlebit redneck- right??

So let me fill you in:

1. One Easter when my parents came over for Easter dinner we were all drinking wine- and no one knew whose was whose wine glass. So I came up with a great idea! Wine charms! But I didn't have any of the "official" wine charms- so I used old twisty ties- you know- like from a loaf of bread. LISTEN- they actually came out pretty cute. Since I am sort of a pack rat- I just happened to have a whole bunch of them- so I had all different colors! And just like that- wa-la- everyone knew which wine glass was theirs.

2. One Thanksgiving the hubs decided on frying a turkey. Great idea! Love fried turkey. We had a turkey- check!  fryer-check! oil- check! But we put the grease in, and started the cooker thingy- and hmmmm... what do we use to put/ hang the turkey in the fryer with. AGAIN- it's my genius brilliancy-(and yes-that is a word) We came up with the idea of using a wire hanger. Worked perfect! I am pretty sure at this family dinner we were also drinking out of twisty tie wine glasses too.

3. Once our toilet broke- forcing us to go out and buy a new one. No.no.no don't get any gross ideas here people- well not too gross. Anyhow- stay with me. So husband decided to take said broke toilet and turn it into a cooler! That's right people- A freakin cooler. When I walk out on the back porch and see a cooler full of beer- of course- he tells me "Well I scrubbed it with bleach"

4. We have a 4 wheeler. That the kids LOVE- but husband likes to ride it too. In fact at our old house I am pretty sure we had worn the grass down from riding it in circles- in the backyard!!!

ummm... did I mention that it is a CHILD size 4 wheeler???

yes- this is redneck people-

And the latest- we had to break the baby in too-

5. It's hot in Texas- you all know that. And what keeps things cool the best? A cooler- and when it's hot outside- don't you just want to jump in a nice big pool of cold water? Makes perfect sense- and that's just what we thought for Kash too. So what better way to create a day of fun splashing than to make him his very own cooler tub??? That's right- we put the baby in the cooler- and he went to town- had a blast! Had just about as much fun as if he had drank the beers that would have been in that cooler on any other given weekend. (no- we don't give babies beer- geesh!)

I know- probably not what you were expecting for the 100th post- but I just had to DO IT- and just get something out here! I was all kinds of stressed about the 100th this and the 100th that- then I realized- it's just another post- and there will be manymanymany more.

So CHEERS- to the 1st 100- and stay tuned for more! Have a glass of wine- tie a twisty tie on it- ride a 4 wheeler, sit in a cooler on a toilet- whatever... CHEERS!


  1. Cute baby-in-a-cooler pics! Someone was having one heck of a good time in there. The one with his tongue out and the one where he is splashing are my favorites.

  2. THAT.IS.AWESOME!!! Love the commentary and pics!

  3. Kash in the cooler is HI-larious! Great idea -- and you don't have to worry about where to store the baby pool. ;)