Thursday, August 26, 2010

The pressure....arghhhhh.....

Ok- so this is post #99- and if you can count- which I hope I can assume we all can- that would make my  next post #100-

yes- #100 ya'll!!! I feel like that is a pretty big milestone- so I feel like I should do a special post for my #100 post- but I am just not too sure what to write about...hmmm? the pressure is on-

Ok- so my #99 post is NOT going to be a rambling on about what my #100 post will be about- don't worry- you are safe.

Soooo- onto the regular ramblings-

Check these out! They are marble magnets~
Aren't they cute?
I made these for A & J's Couples Shower that I co- hosted a few weeks back.  They were easy to make and everyone grabbed on to take home. I read  up on how to make these over on the Crafty Chic.
Really- you could make these for any type of occasion.

The shower was a TON of fun and I am getting super excited about the upcoming wedding in Playa del Carmen! Mexico here we come!

The Happy Couple! awwwww.......

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