Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Lake Time!

We headed out to the lake to enjoy some fun in the sun with our friends The Kagelers! What a great time- relaxing on their mega- porch and catching some sun out on the pontoon boat. It's kinda nice to spend a few days where what you are wearing doesn't matter, and there's no need for make up, or clocks, or cell phones.

Kash is ready for some lake time!
Gracie looooooooves the lake-
Not to sure about that guy- LOL! Just look at those faces- hahaha! too cute!
We decided to get Kash his 1st sippy cup- he is really liking water- maybe because it's cold?
You try it-
Close- maybe just a little bit more practice-
This is Kaleb's truck- Kash really liked it too.
beepbeep- outta my way! (he drives just like his dad)
I guess a weekend at the lake is full of discoveries-
can you guess what Kash found??? hmmmm....
His tongue! it's right there- see it? LOL- he had that hanging out all day long-
Kaleb made a new friend- she gave him lots and lots and lots of kisses-
I am pretty sure she would give him a bath if he let her.


  1. Could he be any cuter? Cody's got a run for his money in the looks department now! Love the licking of his lips pic! Don't think I've ever seen a baby do that! Can't wait to meet Mr. Kash this weekend!

  2. He is so cute!!! Growing up fast!!

  3. So super cute! I love that he found his tongue. Ha!