Tuesday, October 26, 2010

the "Official" 9 month stats- and a little bit of rambles too....

Just wanted to get these down before I forgot-

my little man Oct. 22, 2010

Weight: 17 lbs...... 5%
Height 27.5 in......25%
Head 46.3...........75% whew look at that!!

OH and guess what??? guess~

my camera is ready!! yipeee!! so then I can start posting some new pictures and videos- yay!

But for now- I will leave you with these- we went to Larissa's baby shower this past weekend.. She looks great and is having the first GIRL!! She's going to be popular!

Kash playing out in the grass
Giving his pouty lip-

The Brooks family got her these super super cute bloomers- I loooooove them! If you ever need a great baby shower gift- check out this site- Ritzy Rugrats- they have super cute stuff and they are so nice and easy to work with.
bloomers for Kensley

Since all the sudden everyone is having girls around here- I also ordered these bloomers for upcoming showers- aren't they cute?? 
Lady bug/ TX Tech colors for Landry

GO Longhorns for Harper!
I also ordered Kash a super cute beanie- and now that I have my camera- I will be able to post a picture of it too!


  1. Merritt you look so pretty in the bottom photo! And Kash is getting so big!!! (not in the weight sense, but you know what I mean ... 5% skinny little guy)!

  2. wow it so beautiful dress. what is name of your adorable baby?
    Mickey Buarao