Friday, October 15, 2010

Viva la Mexico!!!

aiaiaiaiaiiiiiiyaiii- Hola! We are back from B-E-A-U-tiful Playa del Carmen. What a great time! Our friends A&J got married and husband and I got to spend a tiny bit of quality time together. We were soooo busy- traveling, running around here, playing flip cup there, rehearsal dinner, laying on the beach, cllimbing palm trees, oh- and a wedding!

It was fabalous- we laughed a LOT- had a great time and it was very special that we were there to witness two great friends get married!

At the Houston Airport
soooo- Charlie- our "new best friend" was bringing us all these little small drinks??? and he didn't even charge us! Those bartenders LOVED us in Mexico!  They must have thought we were famous or something- beacuse they never made us pay for anything!

See Jess back there yelling "Hey Charlie- keep those coming!" LOL- and he did-

See what happens after you have about 100000000bizzzlion of thoes tiny little drinks??
This is the newlywed's 2 story suite!! hot tub out on the deck- watchout!

The beautiful beach- oh- and some girl shaking her butt.....
day 2- girls out by the pool-
THE Infamous Game of Flip Cup- the girls were champs!! unbeatable- it was crazy! Those boys didn't stand a chance- we won every. single. game.

Flip cup loosers...

Rehearsal Dinner

Bride and Groom

The boy's table-

The girl's table

Wedding day!
 Now onto the professional pictures- Matt Montalvo- who was our wedding photographer- is AWESOME- I mean- this guy..... WOW- just check out the pictures- and if you need him make sure to tell him that I sent you his way!

See- I told you- awesome!

A&J- cheers- here is to a life filled with happiness! We really had a great time- just a perfect little get-a-way with friends- and before I forget- just let me scribble down some of my favorite memories from the trip- they probably won't make sense to the innocent- but if you were there- then YOU KNOW- and if you want to know- just ask me and i'll fill you in on the story- LOL!!

- "1st off- I need a man who's going to play flippy cup with me"
-"Do you need a man?" "I need a man!" -one armed woman-
- "1, 2- ehhh 10"
-the beach party- palm tree climbing, sand dancing, Greg falling off the ledge, Kelly's speaker placement, carrying drinks to the beach, Jess and Kelly falling down, those nasty micor-wave hamburgers, Kelly waiting for her hotdog, Alicia's dance moves,
-"You order 5 beers and 5 Miami- vices too?? Man we are going to have a lot of drinks"
- Green Speckled Frogs and Ojo Rojos
-"We just need like 14 more beers"

and last but not least.....

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