Friday, October 15, 2010

9 months- 36 weeks- 252 days-

Need I say more? (*so bad news- my camera is in the shop.... dropped it in Mexico- guess that's what  happens- I knew I should've been wearing my wrist strap! Anyhow- it was covered and is getting fixed as we speak type- so pictures will be up soon!) I have some pictures that they took at school- so they will just have to do for now...

SIZE- still the same actually. Close to 20 lbs- still wearing his 6-9 month clothing-

Playing with water
NEW MOVES- not sure- but I would imagine that he is pretty close to walking.... don't hold me to that- and I sure am not wanting him to get to walking too fast. He's already ALL over the place. He loves getting around in his walker- and BOY he can move in that thing! and he can terrorize the dogs too. We have been taking it outside since the weather has been SOOO nice! anyhow- he runs up and down the street in his walker- he can cruise! But we need to get him some "official" shoes. I have some soft soled shoes and he wore those out- so we put some heavy duty rubber bottomed socks on him- and he wore holes in those and got a blister on his big toe- awwww his 1st owie. Although he didn't seem to mind-
Making Halloween pumpkins! or eating orange pudding.... whatever you want to call it

playing on his "laptop" that's what we call this toy- he LOVES it!

Going for a buggy ride just FYI- the boy next to Kash is almost 2 months YOUNGER!!!
  YUMMY FOODS- we haven't added too much in the food department. Plums would be our newest addition and he really likes those! Other than that- still mixing and matching all the other fruits and veggies.

Daddy surprised us and came to music class!!

SLEEPING- still downstairs with us- but this weekend we are lowering the crib- so it won't be long before he will be upstairs all by himself- what a big boy! (now if us parents can just be big boys and girls too)

What? sleep? do I have to?
WORDS- ohhhhhhhh ahhhhhhhhh He likes to look up at the lights or fans and we can say "woooooow" and he will say "owwwwwoooo" He also likes to make Indian noises with his mouth- or really he just likes to ahhhhh and then have me move my hand over his mouth to make the noise. And even though this isn't a word- we are pretty sure he has figured out how to shake his head no. One night in the bath- he just sat there shaking his head back-n-forth, no- no- no..... and now- when he doesn't want food- we get a head shake. When he doesn't want to go in his car seat- yup- a head shake.

BEST MOMENTS- We went on our 1st trip away. Just 3 nights- but still. I was very very happy to be home. I am pretty sure that Kash just had a fun o' time with Granny- and he was totally in awe of all the people in the airport- but he didn't even crack a smile when we saw him.... oh well..... surely he missed us.... right???? RIGHT!?
he loves popping that pop corn!

FAVORITE THINGS- lights, fans, door stops, banging on the walls, balls, and his Monkey- LOVES his sock  monkey. Squeezing into tiny places that he's not suppose to go- but he will try. He's such a flirt- he likes just about everyone. Smiles a lot- and brightens your day.
Does NOT like- diaper changes, getting in the car seat, getting in his high chair, or anything that requires him sitting still for very long. I don't think he likes grass very much. He makes a funny face when I put him in it. Lately with the nice weather we have been taking a blanket outside and sitting- and he will crawl to the left- over to the right- up top- down to the bottom- but will NOT crawl off the blanket into the grass. LOL! He just stops right at the edge.

We are beginning to think of 1st birthday ideas- and I am getting really excited about the holiday season! Our 1st Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas- followed by his 1st birthday- lots of events and fun ahead!

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