Thursday, September 8, 2011

It came- it went- goodbye week-

We avoided it and avoided it- but the time has come for K's last week at his school.  I wish we could keep him where he is- but locationally (not sure if that's a word- but) anyhow- it's taking me an hour and half round trip each morning and each afternoon!! crazy! So although I can't say I will miss that- I sure will miss all of his sweet sweet teachers- and I am sure K is going to miss all his friends.

These ladies have taken care of me and babyK since he was just 12 weeks old. They have listened to me babble on- and they have taught us both about feeding, sleeping, schedules, etc..

We have learned sign language and Spanish, songs, instruments and dancing- painting, sculpting, singing, you name it!!

So this week was the week! He started his brand new school- and it's hard. FOR ME. K didn't even bat an eye. and I know this is a good thing- but I was sad. I mean- I didn't go in and laugh and joke with the teachers- I didn't get to sit down and make fun of husbands and kids and weekends etc... 

Oh me Oh my- what's a mom to do?

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