Thursday, September 8, 2011

Answers and Questions

I like to think I know a lot. Or maybe I don't know a lot- but I can find the answers that I am looking for if I need to. Research. Google. Friends. etc...

But lately I feel like there are too many answers that I don't know- I can't look up- I have no explanation for.

Why did K's classmate have to loose her Daddy this week? She's not even two yet. My heart aches for her and her mom.
Why did this car accident have to happen? What's the deal with these central TX fires? Why did so many lose their homes?
And just a few days away from the 10 year anniversary of Sept. 11th- why?
And on a totally different note- the kids- they ask so many questions- how do I answer?
where is my parent manual? You mean- these kids don't come with instructions?



I mean changing diapers and warming bottles- I can handle-

 but this teenager business has got my brain all muddled up. I mean- I can remember being an actual teen, I think, right?

It doesn't matter.
Because it's all different now.

These kids- these days..
The same way it was different when I was a teen- the same as when my mom was a teen.
Parents just don't understand

So my brain is on overload- I am turning to my old faithfuls
Google, Internet friends, Blogs, and Real life friends-

Sometimes "I don't know" is the best answer. it's the true answer.
why would you do that? why would you say that? what now?


this is real parenting stuff- makes me feel like my mom and dad. I know when they were telling me back then- what it would all mean now-


Now- oh now- oh yea- I can see what they meant. I can feel for them- I can see what I put them through. I know where that wrinkle came from. But how do you get that through to your kids now?


How can you explain to them- that in this day and age (geesh that's sounds old) but with all the new techie stuff- you can't just throw away 8th grade love letters and gossip notes-
oh no-
there's evidence- tied to your name forever. and just one little mistake now- is attached to you forever. means words can be blasted to millions in a matter of seconds- and there is no delete button.
and it's unreal how cruel kids can be to each other.

This was cracking me up today- so I will leave you with this- at least I'm not that old....

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  1. Interesting reflections. Good parenting is tough. and I think it does get tougher every generation 'cause kids grow up faster and faster.

    And Life is full of unknowns. We have to trust our hearts. Best advice -Don't ignore the inner voice! As I have said many times, you know the answer, you just have to listen for it.