Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Guitar Obsession

You all think I am just kidding about this guitar thing, right?

The kids obsessed- and you know what? I like it. I hope he plays and starts a band and gets famous and he loves it and he takes his mommy out on the road and buys her a private jet and lots of really nice clothes and shoes-

But for now-

still in PJs
electric guitar


playing two guitars at the same time!

everyone needs a little shirtless guitar playing- that's rockstar!

electric guitar on the couch

showing big brother how it's done

1st thing in the morning- again still in his PJs
stand up guitar playing

playing for the dogs

So I went all the way back to June and there are no guitar pictures- so it must have been in August when he fell in love with the guitar. I would like to take credit- but I will have to give it to his music teacher Mr. Will.
And the sad thing- at K's new school they don't have music class anymore- so maybe I just need to find a new school that does.

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