Friday, September 9, 2011

Our sweet little one-

Tomato that is. Did I tell ya'll that we were growing a tomato? Actually we were trying to grow a salsa garden. We did the whole Topsy Turvy thing.

Let me back up just a bit. I inherited my mother's green thumb. and her thumb isn't very green. More like dry and brown. She has trouble keeping cactus alive.

So anywhoo- we get the Topsy Turvy because it's like a no fail thing, right? I mean- you just hang it up and leave it be and magical tomatoes and jalapenos and peppers just grow until their little hot hearts desires.

Like this-

WRONG!! wrongwrongwrong...

I am here to tell you. That's just NOT how it works.

1st of all- the Topsy Turvy things DO NOT EVEN COME WITH TOMATOES!!!!
no pepper seeds, no soil, nada.

they are just bags with a hangy thingy.

why?why?why? could I have not invented bags with hangy thingys and been a bazillionaire?

So after you unwrap said hanging baggie things (at least they were on sale for a $1- and now I know why)
anyhow- you unwrap and get it hanging. Then you realize that there aren't embedded little seeds in the paper or anything- so you then have to go back to the store to buy seeds and soil and fertilizer.
Then you come back home and stuff your upside down baggie- because you want your new salsa garden to be the sizzle! I mean- what if we make the bestest badest salsa around- and then we get to be bazillionaires from selling salsa?? it could happen.


All that work- all those dreams- all that stuffing and growing and fertilizing and singing to the plants and reading stories and trips back and forth to the store and hanging baggies upside down and watering- and do you know how expensive water is in Texas???

all that work and all we got was this-

one little tomato.

it may look big here- but I assure you- it's only about the size of a golf ball-
well maybe a tiny bit bigger

so we whipped up some biscuits and gravy and made that tomato proud. It was delicious!
and as far as our peppers go- we had lots of blooms but only got about 4 peppers- they weren't even picture worthy. booo.

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