Thursday, January 3, 2013

12 weeks- it's official

12 weeks- here we go again!
*written on 12/28/12*

Body Changes? -even thought I really feel like my body made some super fast changes this time around- looking back and comparing pictures and all- it's really not. To be honest I felt like BAM as soon as we got a positive test- it was like over night- I was 4 months along. I am so glad that I kept this blog the 1st time around- because it's nice to be able to go back and compare.

Sleep: ahhhh we got a new bed for Christmas. So far- it's great. My sweet husband also bought me this awesome pillow- LOVE it! Highly recommend one to everyone. I like- K likes it- my husband even tries to steal it- 

Best moment this week: Christmas with the kids and having family over. We had lots of fun- ate lots of good food and just enjoyed family time.

Food Cravings: Same really as last time- carbs are more appealing to me- but no real cravings.

What I miss: Right now- not much. I guess sushi- but hey- that's a given. I did find a roll that I really like- that has all cooked meat in it- so it's like cheat sushi.

Symptoms: bloated. tossing and turning at night. wearing super supportive sports bras at the gym. heartburn. 

What I am looking forward to: let's see- what do we have coming up? New Years. My Bday. K's 3rd Bday. Lots to celebrate.

Workouts: One thing I said I was going to stick to was working out. And I am. Still in the gym 4-5 days a week. Boot Camp, Combat class, Weights, and I did a Flow class last week that I did enjoy. The plan is to work that class into the rotation too.

Milestones: Making the 12 week mark is always a great milestone. Sharing news with family and friends always makes everything more 'real'- no posts on FB yet- but maybe next year.

We did get the gender from our last sonogram. I have it written down- in an envelope- in my purse! Like right now! The plan is to reveal on my bday! Only one more week to go- I have had a dream that it's a boy- then last night I dreamed it's a girl. So who knows?

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