Thursday, January 3, 2013

The sound of life

Today (11/13/12) we heard your heart beat. Just 7 weeks 1 day- and we saw that little flutter that all parents look for. Then- we zoomed in- and we listened.

Just the best sound.

We found out that your due date- will be July 1, 2013. Which you may or may not make an appearance on that day- but at least we know what we are shooting for. I am aiming for June 24th- yes- that sounds like a nice birthdate.

And guess what else?

 Since I will be "Mature Maternal Age" when you arrive- and that's just a fancy of way of saying old. Which I am not! But anyhow- we can use that as a way to run all kinds of tests. One being a blood test that will confirm if you are a boy or girl. WOW.

At first- everything seemed to moving so slow. And now- moving very fast.

You just keep on growing. You will be here before we know it. We love you already. You have 2 big brothers and a big sister that are going to be very excited. Not to mention TONS of grand parents that will be ready to spoil you.

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