Thursday, January 3, 2013

In the beginning- round two

*so just so you all aren't confused- I am writing this 11/7/12- but not posting since we have made the official announcement yet.*

So round two- not sure what I was expecting- but I feel like BAM over night I was hit like a ton of bricks with pregnancy symptoms.

I am constantly hungry- or wanting something to eat, to snack on, but I just can't figure out what it is that I want. This makes for a lot of making something- nibbling on it- and then putting it away- because it just wasn't the one. Like baked asparagus with some Sirachi sauce to dip in- like the best thing I have ever tasted one day. Then the next day- taste like dog food. And of course- bloated. Or just plain out gaining weight. But hey- no beer in the diet- so I have a few calories to spare here and there- right?

Been drinking milk and ginger ale. Not together. Feeling nauseous on occasion. So hoping the Ginger Ale will help with that. Mostly feeling it in the middle of the night. So much for 'morning sickness' oh- and waking up in the middle of the night- ugh! sucks! it seems to take me forever to fall back asleep or get comfortable- and then the nauseous feeling... doesn't make it any easier. I thought all that happened towards the end- not the beginning??

Other than that.... feeling pretty good. Goll-ly- I guess I just had a complain fest up there- only to say that all is good. lol.

It is.

I am sticking with my workouts- and I think that is definitely helping keep my energy level up. Got to make sure I have on a goodgoodgood supportive sports bra. Don't. need. any. movement. upthere.

I am enjoying as much snuggle time as I can get with my sweet BabyK (that I guess won't be the baby anymore) And we are in full swing with band and basketball with the older kids.

Of course, I have all the irrational fears- that I assume all 2nd time moms have. I was an only child growing up (I have a 1/2 brother and a 1/2 sister that live in another state) but for the most part- it was just me. So this is all new territory. Come to find out- other moms have irrational fears too.

I know they say every pregnancy is different- so I guess we will see what all this little Tiki Torch has in store for us. and you may wonder 'tiki torch- that's an interesting nick name?'

why yes- yes it is.

and let me show you- or explain. creating these wine bottle tiki torches- we made 4- that's 4 bottles of MacMurry Pinot Noir 2009 sooo good. We wanted all the torches to match- duh.

also created this.

so there you go.

Doctor's appointment next week (11/13) where hopefully we will find out all the details and get a due date! I will keep you posted.

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