Thursday, January 3, 2013

Poke Poke- Wake Up!

*written 1/3/12*

Ok- seriously.

I have been anticipating feeling movement from day one. I have heard that feeling movement will come much earlier the 2nd time around. I didn't feel your big brother move until around 20 weeks- I think. So a little on the late side there.

The past 2 weeks- we have definitely felt a jab here- and a jab there. In fact one night I was laying on the couch and stretched and closed my eyes and felt a BIG jab. I accused your Dad of poking me in the stomach and he just looked at me like I was crazy. Claiming that he didn't do it. So..... it must have been you.

Well hello...

But then last night you were in full swing party mode. You may be tiny- but you are packing a big punch or kick- or some get down dance moves. Maybe all 3- who knows? And I can't remember from your brother- but all of this movement seems to be coming from much higher- like around my rib area. Is that where you are hanging out? No wonder heart burn is something serious around here.

On top of my normal toss and turn- I was awoken several times by a little person from the inside. I hope this is not insight into how you will be as a teenager.... or have you inherited your Dad's dance moves?

And here is the crazy part- I can't be too mad at you because I am unsure if all of this really happened? Or if I just dreamed the whole thing?


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