Friday, July 10, 2009

2nd Time Around

I have been asking some of my more experienced mom friends what they would do the 2nd time around. Thought I would share some of their answers. Maybe I can try and remember to take some of the advice from the women that have "been there, done that" (my Dad would add "and got the t-shirt)

NS says- keep up with the workouts because when you start pushing that baby out, you need to be in good shape. It's hard to breathe and push 3 times in a row and then turn around and do it one minute later for an hour and a half.

T- I am on my 3rd- and definitely more laid back than I was with my 1st. It wasn't helpful to me or the baby to be worried about everything. Also, I gained WAAAAAAAAY too much weight first time around, I know better now.

S- I'd like to work out more this time. I am still hanging onto an extra 20 pounds from my 1st two, but other than that, I've loved both of my pregnancies and how they turned out.

H- I hope to spend more of my labor not laying in bed this time, and I hope to be able to focus on breathing etc... and delay the epidural. If I do get an epidural, I hope this time, I don't get too numb to push, making them shut it off at the worst time possible.... I will try to breastfeed again and hope I am more successful. I will tell them that I do not want to supplement with formula in the hospital.

M- 1.) not stress so much 2.) work out and eat as well as I can 3.) keep an open mind about delivery. It's awesome to hope for a certain type of delivery, but if it doesn't work out, you'll be much less disappointed if you've kept an open mind. Same goes for breast feeding.

T- I would've stopped working before I got too uncomfortable. Just for some rest and relaxation. Once your baby arrives it's all about them 24/7. Relax- babies won't break. They will get sick and they will have good days and bad days so deal with it as it comes.

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