Wednesday, September 16, 2009

24 weeks- V-DAY!

How far along? 24 weeks- duh! That's 6 months- that's 16 weeks left to go! WOW! Time is moving fast. Oh you maybe wondering what is V-Day- it's referring to the point of Viability- that means that after 24 weeks the baby has a chance of surviving on the outside- of course each week that CJ can "cook" he gets healthier and stronger- so don't get any ideas little boy! You still have some time to go!

Total Weight Gain/ Loss: ummmm.... see here's the thing- my doctor only tells me that I am good- that's it- I don't really know a number amount on the total weight gain- and believe me- there has been some.

Body Changes: my skin feels like it is SuperDuper tight- like it's almost hard to sit up straight because I feel like I will split my middle open. Also, my little footsies can't handle heels- or standing up- or walking for a whole lot of time/ distance.

Sleep: I toss, I turn, I pee, I think, CJ wakes up- he tosses, he turns.... it's all night like that. But we got a new memory foam mattress pad and it is the BEST!

Gender: BOY! CJ is what we are calling him for now- for Cody Junior

Food Cravings: none really- but I can blame my wanting a Baskin Robbins Cookies and Cream scoop on my cravings... right?

What I miss: at the time I can't think of anything... I am sure I can come up with something...

Symptoms: kicks and punches coming from the inside- rolls, flips, you name it! There is probably a trampoline and a trapeze swing in my belly. He must have the same ESP that his mom has- I think he can sense that we are talking about him- he performing right now! (BTW- headaches are gone- yay!)

What I am looking forward to: My friend Allyson is going to deliver any day now- OMG- I am so excited for her. I can't wait to meet her little man. I get to be her designated driver- how fun! I told her that I think I could watch a video on how to deliver the baby at her house if she wanted me to.... between my mom and I- we could deliver the baby just fine! haha!

Bunko Thursday night!

We are also going to our friends, Christi and Scott's tailgate wedding shower this weekend- how fun! what a great idea for a shower!

Milestones: we ordered our crib bedding and got that in- started packing up the house- and this weekend is the UT vs TX Tech football game. It's going to be fun!

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