Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Showers, Tail Gates, and Birthday Parties Oh MY!

We started our weekend out busy, busy, busy.... We woke up and headed to the gym- and then home to get ready for our friends Christi and Scott Tailgate Wedding Shower. What a great idea! It was at Iron Cactus downtown, and decorated with Longhorn and Red Raider stuff everywhere. We had fun nibbling on some yummy appetizers and sipping on some cold beer (O'Doul's for me)- that's what football is all about, right?

Then we left there and headed out to tailgate with the fans! It was CRAZY crowded! but fun- For sure some fun people watching. I guess that is a sign of getting older- when you start making fun of what the college girls are wearing.... Miley Cyrus watchout! (although when me and my friends wore stuff like that- we looked WAY cuter!) And let's not leave out the Red Raider Pirates that we saw- complete with hats, beards, and swords too!

Anyhow- we left there and headed out for our friend Jacques' b-day party at Cover3 and to watch the game! We knew what Jacques really wanted for his b-day, even though he was afraid to admit it- but that's what good friends are for!
hmmm.... wonder what's in the package?? (notice Cody's nice gift wrapping job)
Oh- my!! Just what I wanted!! How did you know?

Fits perfect! (I bet he ended up wearing that at the end of the night too...)

It was over all a great day- the Longhorns won!! yay!

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