Wednesday, September 30, 2009

10 Things Hard to do With a Belly

With a belly- some things are just harder to do- so here are a few that stick out to me:

1. tying your shoes
2. shaving your legs
3. rolling like a ball (Pilates thing)
4. putting down the Baskin Robbins cookies-n- cream.... I know, I know- this really doesn't have to do with having a belly- BUT- when there is someone IN your belly wanting ice cream- the you pretty much have to do what they say- it's a fact- I have personally checked it out...
5. laying on your stomach
6. not spilling stuff on yourself (belly + condiments = love)
7. buttoning your pants
8. painting your toenails (pedicures! yay!)
9. pretty much any and everything that involves bending over
10. squeezing between things- like behind chairs next to the wall, or in between our kitchen table and the wall- it's an art- you have to tuck the bootie, then lift the belly....

So that's just to name a few. I am sure there are more things that I can't think of right now- but maybe I will add to the list as the belly gets bigger and gets a mind of its own.

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