Saturday, September 12, 2009

Pike Wedding

Coming down the asile! (my lense didn't even open up all the way- ugh! supid camera)

We had the pleasure of attending our friends wedding this past weekend. You all know how I love love love weddings! It was beautiful! I have known this couple from the day that they met. I started thinking of the past 5 years of their "courtship" there have definitely been some fun times! I was happy to share their day with them and thought I would share it with you all too.

Some of my favorite things were:

- they were married by one of Josh's old frat brothers (who is a minister) so he brought a very personal touch to the vows. He also had each of them write letters to each other. Then he read some of that out loud- so funny and touching! Of course I cried.

- they had stemless martini glasses as give-a-ways, that had different drink recipes in them- cute!

-Miranda Dodson was the vocalist at the church and WOW- she was great! Just her and her guitar on stage- very touching. Her voice was so soothing and powerful at the same time- if you get a chance to check her out around Austin- do so!

- the red and blue color scheme was very sheik- love it! Centerpieces were great!

- oh- the food! Prime Rib, a mashed potato bar, fresh salads, veggies, fruit, and cheese, excellent! and then the red velvet cake (that's the only one I tried) was very yummy! Oh- they also topped off their night with milkshake martinis- yum. Check out that rack of meat!

I took some pictures- of course- they don't even begin to do the bride justice. I really do need a new camera (hint, hint) The whole wedding party looked fab-

I did however make one mistake..... I wore heels. *gasp* NO pregnant woman should be subjected to that kind of pain EVER! My feet throbbed for days. I mean- I wanted to be cute and stylish- and it just so happened that the shoes that looked best with my skirt and top were my high heel boots. I mean- we all make sacrifices for beauty.... right?? Well- I for one will not be making that mistake again. I may give my wedges a try- but NO more heels. Good thing I have such an amazing husband that he rubs my feet and takes good care of me! love you sweet man!

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