Friday, September 4, 2009

I didn't know I was pregnant....

Really? I mean.... really?

Have you seen this show? It's usually about some girl that doesn't have a clue what's going on and then goes to the bathroom and poops out a baby... or something similar.

and of course- she had NO idea she was pregnant for the last nine months.

one girl chalked up morning sickness to hangovers from partying with her friends, and weight gain to the freshman 15 that you get when you are in college.... (no worries.... her baby was born totally healthy.... in a toilet- but healthy)

So you start by over looking the missed period. hmmmm.... are you having sex? with someone of the opposite sex? are you on birth control? I know girls who freak out if they are ONE day late with their period...

BUT OK- so you miss your period...hey it happens.

So next- there is the morning sickness, sore boobs, and the overall feeling that you are SO tired you could fall asleep in your breakfast, lunch, or dinner at any given second. Not to mention your hair and nails growing like crazy! .

BUT hey! Maybe you drink lots of milk...maybe just maybe you stayed up late the night before (for 3 consecutive months) maybe you are lucky and have no morning sickness, or maybe you have been partying pretty hard or think you have a long lingering case of some sort of weird flu? who knows....

Then at some point I would assume you would start to get a belly- gain weight.

Not sure you could get by solely blaming this one on the freshman 15.... I don't know about you- but my freshman 15 did not just congregate in the cute pregnant tummy way... OH NO- the butt, hips, and thighs got plenty of that action! So once the weight starts to center itself in that pregnant tummy way.... you may have some explaining to do.

BUT- let's just say that you don't gain much weight, or that you have a little weight to begin with so you aren't seeing the belly starting to form. Let's just say....

So what about movement? No that's not gas.... that's a full on punch in the stomach. Coming from the INSIDE! Don't you think you would begin to question that?

And then the contractions- that's when most girls think their appendix busted or that they have to go to the bathroom REALLY bad-
Most head to the hospital where they not only learn they are pregnant- but in labor too! Can you imagine....

Doctor: "Good news ma'am. Your appendix is fine!"
You: "oh good! Then what's wrong"
Doctor: "Well it looks like you are pregnant!"
You: "WHAT- but how? when? how far along?"
Doctor: "And you are in labor"

I am pretty sure that I would have lost all control of my bodily functions and passed out at that point. Or looked around for cameras and wondered how on Earth did they get me this good on an episode of Punked.

Although I am just not sure I would have ever gotten to that point in the first place. I mean- you have to be in some serious denial to not notice, to not even think, of the thought, the tiniest little inkling of being pregnant to not cross your mind for NINE whole months. A few- yea maybe. BUT NINE.... WOW-

Check out the show if you don't believe me. Some of these women's stories are pretty convincing... and the doctors back them up all the way.

My suggestion- if you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms... pee on a stick- maybe 4 or 5 of them.

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