Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Trick- or- treat??

 This past weekend was definitely a TREAT for me!! Friday Kash had his Fall Festival at school. It was a bit overwhelming- fun for the older kids for sure! But not too much for the little ones to do. Then Friday night we went to a Pumpkin Carving party and just had lots of fun. Then Saturday morning Kash and I went to Logan and Landry's baby shower! Of course all the girls were excited to see Kash- and I got to finally meet sweet sweet Harper. Ohhhh- she's just precious. She is so tiny- only 10lbs at 8 weeks old. Her and her mom, Christi, are doing great- and looking great! I really enjoyed hanging out and seeing all these girls. We all started out with getting to see each other at work- then when I switched jobs- we only got to see each other at weddings and such- and now that everyone is married- we get to visit at baby showers!! Soooooo.... who's next??

ok- I guess we can figure out another excuse to hang out- LOL!
at TASB's Fall Festival- digging for dinosaurs

Saturday evening we took Kash to a Halloween carnival- again- TONS of fun for older kids- but not so much for the babies to do. We still had fun! and next year it will even be more fun! Afterwards we went to visit with friends and watch the stupid o' Longhorn game... booooo.....(what's the saying Jess? "it's a re-building year" LOL!) Kash was worn out- so we headed home after the game-

then Sunday- Halloween- we shopped, walked, ate, and sat out front to hand out candy to the neighborhood kids. What a treat!

anyhow- here are some pictures of our fun weekend!

<> booooo longhorns wear me out!
Daddy's little helper

Look at all those pumpkins!

Hey- whatcha doing? I can help you too!

Cody gets in "the stance" for getting out the pumpkin guts-

yay! pumpkins!

funny.... real funny guys....

Our Franken-pumpkin
The "winner" from our pumpkin carving night! She free handed this drawing! awesome!

are you trying to take my picture??

hey- give me that camera!

am I supposed to be scared or something?

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  1. Kash in the pumpkin is hilarious! His facial expression in priceless! :)