Friday, November 19, 2010

What did you say?

Sorry- I realized last night that I just rambled through that 10 month update and just casually rolled over the fact that Kash is now WALKING!

Oh yea- it's really happening-

He does a Frankenstein/ Yoda/ penguin/ waddle walk- but it's on 2 feet- and he's moving.

And remember how when he 1st started laughing? how I could never get that laugh on video? well.... this is pretty much like that too.
As soon as the camera comes out- all the sudden both legs just turn to jello and they forget all that they have learned. In fact, this gives me a thought. If I want to keep him from walking- I could just keep a camera crew around and he will crawl forever!! mwahahhaahahahah (that's my evil laugh)

but really... I'm just kidding.

On another note- Caleb busted another funny this week! that kiddo-

We were watching TV and Wheel of Fortune was on- they had all service men playing and Caleb says-

"hmm they must have them on in honor of Veterinarian's Day"

what are we teaching these kids? LOL!

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