Thursday, November 18, 2010

10 months-

Ten months has come and gone- whooosh! Just like that! And at the close of the 2010 holiday season- this little man will be turning 1 years old.  We have all kinds of fun stuff to report on this update! K is moving all over- into everything- up on- in to- under- you name it- he is like an explorer on new land- check out what he's getting into:

Looking cute!

Rocks and dirt-

Pebbles- wow- can I eat these?

Daddy's tools- and getting oil on his face- Oh and balls too! Loves loves to throw balls!

all "real men" get dirty when they work on cars... right Dad?

Telephones- it's pretty funny because he will actually pick up the phone and put it to his ear- he can almost even say "hello"

hello? is anybody there? oh and GO DAWGS!

The entertainment center and turning the cable box off and on-

must. open. door.

 hanging out under the table- that's his "Man Cave" only Kash and Gracie allowed

Hi- welcome to my Man Cave

ummmm.. this is the VIP section- what are you doing here?

and he has discovered the stairs- great! He loves climbing up them-
and isn't afraid to try and climb fall down them.

and computers- or folders- or anything else he can get into and pull out-

SIZE: pretty much the same- I still think he is under 20 lbs. and he is still wearing 6-9 month clothing. But he can also wear some bigger sizes- but he can also still wear some smaller sizes- LOL!!

NEW MOVES: Well he loves to hang out under the table- he will walk between chairs, and speaking of walking- I think the most we've counted so far is 8 steps!!! He has also figured out how to crawl out of his walker- so time to put that away! He can push his walker while walking behind it.
He's also blowing the sweetest kisses ever! with big o' smacking sounds! LOVE IT! He can wave bye bye and will say "Oh" if he sees something he likes. Not sure if I have mentioned before how he points up- but if you are holding him- and he tells you to look up- and you don't- he will grab your chin and make you look up!

YUMMY FOODS: chicken spaghetti, oatmeal, eggs, cinnamon toast, and all the other fruits and veggies- he still eats everything "mushed" up- not feeding himself yet- but since he can get pebbles and dirt in his mouth- I am pretty sure it won't be too long before he can get food in there too- LOL!

SLEEP: same- not much to say here. We have lowered the crib- so at least that is the 1st step.

WORDS: ahhhh after drinks, mwah!, babble, Kash can also sign more, all done, and milk. We are working on animal sounds.

BEST MOMENTS: I just can't get enough of the blowing kisses- it's the best! I have decided on a birthday theme- and actually ordered the invitations! It's a little emotional- which surprised me- but with the walking and the growing and the turning one- it's a lot!

FAVORITE THINGS: cell phones, house phones, remotes, computers, key pads, trees, birds, banging on things, loves his new blankie (thanks Zan!) He does not like diaper changes, long car rides, sitting still, having something taken away from him.

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