Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Facebook warning-

So I am behind on my posts because we have been so consumed in having our life violated by some creep on Facebook.

1st let me give you the quick rundown:

ok- So Friday night Cody gets an email from a girl- Kylie- she tells us that she met a guy- Zakariah Williams on dating site- WooMe- she becomes friends with him on FB. He is a divorced father of 3 kids, Caleb 10yr, Callie 12 yr, and Caden 11mo. She becomes suspicious of him because he won't talk to her on the phone or with webcam. She begins to "investigate" him. She notices in a picture that there are family photos hanging on the wall- upon further inspection- she see that some of them are our wedding photos. (although she didn't know it at the time- just that this guy was in photos with a girl- so she suspected him of cheating on his wife)

Anyhow- time goes by. He then posts pictures of himself at a wedding that Cody was a groomsmen in. He posts the Professional photos pictures- so she sees the photographers name at the bottom of the pictures and goes to Matt Montalvo's FB page. Looks through the pictures and see that the photos are tagged with "Cody" not "Zak Williams"

That is what prompted her to contact Cody. At that point this guy ZaK's FB wall was not private. So when we went to look at his wall- there is Kash's picture- as Caden. Ciara's picture as Callie, and Caleb's picture.
It was REALLY strange- just everyday postings like "oh Caden spilt his milk this morning" or a picture of Caleb on his birthday this year and a post "Happy birthday son- to the best son a Dad could ask for- I love you"

Creepy stuff-
We could not view all of his photos- but this girl Kylie has been really helpful. She "print screen" a lot of the photos for us- and she emailed me all that info.

His dating profile picture on WooMe is of Cody and Kash too-

and it looks like now he has deleted his FB account. So now I am sure he will just make up a new name- with Cody's and the kids pictures- SCARY!!!

So if there is a lesson to be learned- here are somethings I have learned:

- it is IMPOSSIBLE to contact a real live person at Facebook- Cody went down to the Austin office and we couldn't even speak to someone there. He was instructed to write our complaint down on a piece of paper and the security guard said he would turn it in.

- Facebook is not NEAR as secure as you think it is. If you have ever taken a quiz, clicked on something like "who's your celebrity crush?" or "what your birthday means",  "liked" anything, played any games like Farmville, Mafia Wars, etc... then you are automatically granting access to your personal information. The FB applications DO NOT follow the same security settings as the rest of your FB account.

- if you post pictures on FB- even if you post them with "friends only" they are out on the Internet- and if someone can access them- then they are public information. period. Even if they have stolen and used them without your permission. IN FACT- FB has decided to sell 3rd party vendors pictures that are posted on FB. So if you upload a picture to FB- you are in a round-a-bout-way also giving them permission to sell your imagine to any 3rd party vendor of their choosing.

- if you are a single woman, man- or have kids using FB. Then you should be so super duper extremely careful about who you become "friends" with. All you have to have to open a FB account- is an email address. Which you can make up pretty easily at gmail- so really- anyone on FB can be anybody. Your daughters "crush" could be an old nasty man. Or the man that you want to go on a date with probably doesn't look like my husband- and could be some creepy creepster- so be careful.

Now I hope that this is some stupid joke that some young kids were doing just to be funny- but let's face it- there are some CRAZIES out there. And even if this is some harmless joke- it still goes to show how easily your personal information can be stolen. Let's just hope the next woman that this guy comes in contact with is as smart as this Kylie girl was-
or- if you happen to see me kids or my husband's photo out there on any dating sites- please let me know!

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